Faith's Journey of Blending Passions and Entrepreneurship

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Join us as we dive into an insightful conversation with Faith Hanan, an SEO consultant and copywriting expert.

In this episode, Faith shares her diverse passions, from her family life and hobbies to her professional journey.


Why This Episode Is For You 

If you’re an entrepreneur struggling to balance multiple passions or looking for effective strategies to grow your business online, this episode is a goldmine.

Faith’s unique perspective on prioritizing efforts and using SEO for business growth is both inspiring and practical.

She discusses the balance between various interests and how this impacts her business strategy, emphasizing the importance of focusing on effective channels like SEO and podcasting over social media for business growth.

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In this episode, you will learn:

  • 03:24 – Faith discusses her transition from diverse interests to focused entrepreneurship
  • 07:15 – Insights into balancing personal life with professional ambitions
  • 11:00 – The decision to prioritize SEO and podcasting over social media
  • 14:05 – Faith’s approach to content creation and strategy
  • 20:28 – The importance of analyzing data and KPIs in business
  • 25:01 – Client relationships and choosing the right projects
  • 30:15 – Tips for entrepreneurs on where to start and focus their efforts
  • 35:40 – Faith’s philosophy on serving clients and making impactful decisions
  • 40:05 – The value of owning your online presence through a website
  • 44:50 – Faith’s future vision and how she plans to grow her business

*timestamps are approx.


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