Hi, I'm Audra Carpenter
a Business Strategist an AI Consultant an Expert Marketer

I help my clients by developing advanced AI and marketing strategies, ensuring they stay ahead in a highly competitive landscape. As AI rapidly transforms every sector, embracing audacious approaches opens opportunities to expand market influence.

What I Do

Transforming Challenges into Business Success

AI Consulting

Helping you understand AI. Education, ideation, feasibility and business strategy for your next big idea.

Strategy Sessions

Online monthly peer groups led by Expert Operators that address your specific questions as you achieve breakthroughs.

Online Courses

Unlock your learning at zindolabs.com. Your gateway to a wealth of courses and resources for self-paced, impactful learning.

1-On-1 Business Consultation

Get personalized consulting to fine-tune your strategy and accelerate your business growth.

Boost Your Business with Easy-to-Use AI Solutions

Smarter Insights

Quickly find valuable insights to make better business decisions.

Better Performance

Use AI that learns from your data to get better over time.

Efficient Automation

Save time and reduce errors by automating repetitive tasks.

Enhanced Customer Experience

Improve how your customers interact with your services using smart technology.