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In this episode of “The Mess in the Middle,” Audra Carpenter hosts Stacey Hagen, a holistic business coach.

Stacey shares her journey from corporate marketing to coaching, emphasizing the evolution of her coaching practice.

She discusses the importance of niching down in coaching, exploring how to identify and cater to specific client needs effectively.

The conversation covers the impact of online presence for coaches, integrating personal experiences into coaching methods, and the dynamics of one-on-one versus group coaching.

Stacey emphasizes the importance of self-discovery in coaching and adapting to client needs.


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In this episode, you will learn:

  • 01:00 – Stacey’s transition from corporate marketing to coaching
  • 02:00 – The evolution of coaching and social media’s role
  • 07:00 – Niching down in coaching
  • 13:00 – The importance of self-discovery and audience understanding
  • 14:00 – The ease of starting a business today
  • 19:00 – Adapting coaching techniques to individual client needs
  • 22:00 – Handling clients who struggle with assigned tasks
  • 28:00 – Strategies for finding coaching clients
  • 32:00 – The balance between one-on-one and group coaching
  • 35:00 – Adapting business strategies based on experience and client feedback
  • 38:00 – The importance of systematizing business processes
  • 42:00 – The value of seeking help and mentorship in business development
  • 44:00 – Final advice for coaches navigating the ‘middle’ phase of their business journey


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