The Art of the Soft Sell: Get the Click Without (Really) Asking for It

Picture those old-style sales pages filled with yellow highlights, screaming red text and lots of “BUY NOW” buttons. We’ve all seen them! When we think of copywriting, that’s often what comes to mind. While that style of sales page can be effective, it’s not the only way to make sales.  I’m talking about a more […]

3 Proven Ways to Market Your New Business

Rule number one: never underestimate the power of good marketing.  The world is overflowing with great ideas and broke business owners with fabulous products, but no sales.  Fact is, ideas are not what drive most business success… marketing is!  So before you quit your day job to branch out on your own, seriously think about […]

Consistent Marketing

One of the keys to your success in using the Roadmap will be in your ability to create a strategy for everything you are going to do moving forward.

Identifying your commitment

When you make a decision to start a business, and you know your commitment to be financially successful (however this looks for you), you create a momentum that will help you learn what you need to learn and expand both mentally and professionally.