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🤖 The Biggest Things in AI Recently

1️⃣ Tesla’s Optimus 2 Upgrades

Image source: Tesla

Overview: Tesla has recently showcased a significantly redesigned prototype of its humanoid Optimus robot. This version features substantial enhancements in speed, dexterity, and balance, pushing it nearer to advanced, futuristic capabilities.

Key Updates:

The new generation of Optimus has lost over 20 pounds, improving its mobility. It also exhibits a 30% increase in walking speed, thanks to newly designed feet and smoother movements.

  • Equipped with finger sensors, Optimus now can handle delicate objects, as demonstrated by its ability to carefully hold an egg.
  • Improvements such as a more agile neck, integrated electronics, and faster hands with sensory feedback are designed to mimic human-like functionalities.
  • Moreover, Optimus displayed impressively fluid dance moves, surpassing the abilities of most humans, as seen in the live demo.

Significance: Elon Musk’s team has achieved remarkable advancements with this latest version of Optimus. These developments are a big leap towards creating humanoid robots that resemble the multifunctional and highly capable robots once only envisioned in science fiction.

2️⃣ Microsoft introduces their small language model Phi-2

Microsoft Research’s Machine Learning Foundations team has recently introduced Phi-2, a language model with 2.7 billion parameters. This release follows the achievements of its predecessors, Phi-1 and Phi-1.5, and demonstrates exceptional capabilities in language comprehension and reasoning.

Key Insights

Phi-2 has demonstrated up to 25 times better performance than larger models in various complex tests.

The model’s success is attributed to the use of high-quality training data and innovative methods of scaling.

Phi-2 is versatile for a range of research purposes and is accessible for trials in Azure AI Studio.

Our Perspective

The standout performance of Phi-2, achieved without relying on reinforcement learning alignment, indicates that careful selection and management of data can effectively tackle problems like bias and toxicity.

Phi-2 suggests a potential shift in focus within the field of language processing, where the efficiency and impact of smaller models may surpass the traditional reliance on larger scales.

Click here to dive deeper into the world of Phi-2.

3️⃣ Discover Google’s Next-Generation AI: Gemini

Image Prompt: Google’s Gemini project, with a prominent emphasis on the Google logo.

Exciting news from the tech world! Google has just unveiled details about its latest artificial intelligence project, Gemini. This groundbreaking AI can seemingly understand and talk intelligently about almost any kind of prompt – pictures, text, speech, music, computer code and much more.

Want to know more about how Gemini is shaping the future of AI? Dive into the full details in their comprehensive article. 

4️⃣ Channel 1 Debuts – First Seen All AI News Broadcast

The future is here, and it’s powered by AI! 

🔥 Channel 1’s AI-powered personalized newscast is going viral — with several extremely realistic AI anchors detailing the news during the 22-minute demo. Using human editing plus trusted reporting sources, the startup plans to launch in 2024 with between 500 and 1000 segments produced daily.

🎯 This Week’s Prompts: Develop a Go-To Marketing Strategy

This prompt will be relevant for businesses or product teams that are in the planning stages of introducing something new to the market, it helps ensure a successful product launch or introduction.

Develop a detailed go-to-market strategy for the launch of [new product/feature]. Include a timeline, marketing channels, target audience segmentation, and key performance indicators for success.

[new product/feature]= [Insert here]


🛠️ Tools to Check Out

  • 🖥 HIX.AI Browser Extension can be your most powerful, all-in-one ChatGPT copilot for the web.
  • 🗺 MyMap AI transforms Ideas into Visual Stories.
  • 🕵️‍♀️ Undetectable AI makes your AI writing undetectable in one click.
  • 🦾 Notta AI is your Best Personal Meeting Notetaker.
  • 👀 KREA uses AI to generate high quality visuals.
  • 🖼 Imagine with Meta generates highly-detailed AI images rapidly.
  • 🌘 Moonvalley produces studio-quality video in minutes.
  • 🎇 Pixlr is a free online AI image generator.
  • 🚀 B12 grows your business with a professional AI website.
  • 🧑‍💻 Microsoft Designer creates stunning and professional-quality designs.

View our growing database of all the best AI tools as we discover them. 

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🤖 100 AI Tools to Start your Profitable Online Business in 2024😮

1. Research – Claude – ChatGPT – Perplexity – Bing Chat

2. Image – Leap AI – Bing AI – Segmind – Midjourney – Stable Diffusion

3. CopyWriting – Rytr – Copy AI – Writesonic – Adcreative AI

4. Writing – Jasper – HIX AI – Jenny AI – Textblaze

5. Website – 10Web – Durable – Framer – Style AI

6. Video – Klap – Opus – Eightify – InVideo – HeyGen – Runway – ImgCreator AI – Morphstudio .xyz

7. Meeting – Tldv – Otter – Noty AI – Fireflies

8. SEO – VidIQ – Seona AI – BlogSEO – keywrds ai

9. Chatbot – Droxy – Chatbase – Mutual info – Chatsimple

10. Presentation – Decktopus – Slides AI – Gamma AI – Designs AI – Beautiful AI

11. Automation – Make – Zapier – Xembly – Bardeen

12. Prompts – FlowGPT – Alicent AI – PromptBox – Promptbase – Snack Prompt

13. UI/UX – Figma – Uizard – UiMagic – Photoshop

14. Design – Canva – Flair AI – designify – Clipdrop – Autodraw – Magician design

5. Logo Generator – Looka – Designs AI – Brandmark – Stockimg AI – Namecheap

16. Audio – Lovo ai – Eleven labs – Songburst AI – Adobe Podcast

17. Marketing – Pencil – Ai-Ads – AdCopy – Simplified – AdCreative

18. Startup – Tome – Ideas AI – Namelix – Pitchgrade – Validator AI

19. Productivity – Merlin Tinywow – Notion AI – Adobe Sensei – Personal AI

20. Social media management – Twemax – Typeshare – Tribescaler – Blackmagic – TweetHunter

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