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Hi there! 👋

Welcome back to your favorite AI scoop spot, Unlocked by AI! We’re all about exploring the vast and vibrant landscape of artificial intelligence, and this week, we’ve handpicked some truly groundbreaking AI updates and innovations just for you.

Why do we do this? Simple – to keep you in the loop with the latest and greatest in AI, ensuring you’re always one step ahead in the tech world.

Ready for a peek into this week’s AI wonders? Let’s jump right in and discover what’s new and noteworthy in the realm of artificial intelligence and OpenAI! 🚀🌟

🤖 The Biggest Things in AI Recently

1️⃣ The App Store for ChatGPTs is here!🔥

Big news coming your way! OpenAI has just rolled out something super exciting – the GPT Hub! Imagine a treasure trove with over 3 million specialized GPTs, all lined up and ready to go, just for paid users though.

Think of GPTs as tailor-made helpers, each a unique version of ChatGPT, loaded with specific prompts or contexts to ace different tasks.

The variety is mind-blowing! Need a hand with lesson plans? There’s a GPT for that. Numbers giving you a headache? There’s one for that too. Or maybe a book recommendation for your next never-read bestseller? Yep, you guessed it – there’s a GPT for that!

The GPT Hub is not just new – it’s a game-changer.

Say goodbye to those long chats with ChatGPT for every little thing. These specialized GPTs are here to make life easier.

Here’s a pro tip for you: Think about the tasks you do over and over at work, like those sales emails that take up so much of your time.

Why not check out the GPT Hub for a GPT that can make these tasks a breeze? I’m loving the Sales Cold Email Coach, and I think you will too!

Thinking about creating your own GPT? Go for it! If you’ve got some awesome prompts or instructions, roll them into a new GPT. It’s a huge time-saver for all those repetitive tasks.

Got unique data or know-how? Whether it’s legal cases, exclusive financial models, or your own code – upload them into a GPT. It’s like giving ChatGPT a supercharged memory boost!

And yes, there’s potential to earn from your creations – stay tuned as they figure out the details.

But remember, crafting a standout GPT takes skill. It’s not always straightforward, and measuring success can be a bit of a puzzle. And while RAG (retrieval from provided information) is getting there, it’s still a work in progress.

Love to see what you’ve built, feel free to respond to the email and share it. Also, here’s a hilarious – or as Larry David would say, pretty, pretty, pretty good.Gif by curbyourenthusiasm on Giphy

2️⃣ You can now archive your chats without losing access to them😱

We’ve now got the super handy ability to archive our chats. That’s right – no more losing those gems of conversations, clever ideas, or crucial bits of information. It’s like having a personal library of all your AI interactions, neatly tucked away for when you need them!

Why is this such a game changer? Imagine revisiting your brilliant brainstorming sessions, reviewing complex project details, or just reliving fun chats anytime you want.

It’s not just about convenience; it’s about making the most of our AI journey, keeping our ideas and insights fresh and accessible. This is a big step towards a more seamless, productive, and enjoyable ChatGPT experience! 🌟💬

3️⃣ Pennsylvania is the first state to adopt AI in government

And the first winner of the “Best State of 2024” award is… Pennsylvania!

In an exciting partnership with OpenAI, Pennsylvania’s Governor’s Office is integrating ChatGPT Enterprise, making it the first state to take this innovative step. The mission? To supercharge efficiency across various sectors.

Here’s a sneak peek at how the Office of Administration plans to use ChatGPT:

  • Revamping outdated policy language to make it more user-friendly.
  • Crafting clear and concise job descriptions.
  • Tackling redundancies in employee policies.
  • Automating code generation.
  • And that’s just the beginning!

So, why is this a big deal? Well, it shows that even sectors traditionally slow in tech adoption (like government and legal firms) are embracing AI tools. In the realm of government, AI has the potential to streamline a multitude of routine tasks, particularly those involving documents.

Big applause to Pennsylvania for stepping up as a trailblazer! They’re proving that AI isn’t just a buzzword in bureaucratic circles, but a real game-changer for enhancing workforce productivity and delivering top-notch public services. Way to go, Pennsylvania! 🎉👏

4️⃣ OpenAI launched a new ChatGPT plan for teams:

Big news on the ChatGPT front from OpenAI – they’ve just added a shiny new option to their lineup, and I’m here to give you the lowdown so you can decide if it’s a fit for you.

Drumroll, please… Introducing ChatGPT Team! Fresh out of the oven and ready for mid-sized teams that aren’t quite in the enterprise league yet. Think of it as that special new dish at your favorite restaurant – you know, the one you just have to try.openai

So, what’s cooking with ChatGPT Team? It’s got all those tasty features we love in ChatGPT Plus (like DALL·E 3, GPT-4 with Vision, Browsing, and Advanced Data Analysis), but with a few extra spices:

More time for those in-depth convos with ChatGPT. Perfect for when we really need to dig deep.

– A small uptick in the price – just $30 per person per month. Worth considering for the extra value, right?

– Best part? Your business chats and data are off the menu for OpenAI’s AI training. Total privacy!

And hey, just for comparison’s sake, there’s Microsoft 365 Copilot. Also priced at $30 a month, but it’s like signing up for a whole banquet – it needs at least 300 users and integrates with your Office suite.

So, what do you think? Is ChatGPT Team the new flavor we’ve been looking for?

5️⃣ How to access Copilot and GPT-4 Turbo for FREE:

Get ready for some undercover excitement: Microsoft Copilot is sneakily rolling out GPT-4 Turbo – and guess what? It’s totally free (right now)! They’re gradually opening the doors for a few lucky users to experience OpenAI’s most advanced model, all without that $20 monthly charge. Talk about a secret tech treat! 🎉🤫microsoft copilot

Thanks to Paul Covert for sharing this tutorial to see if you have access.


  1. Head to Copilot.microsoft.com.
  2. Check to see if you have access to GPT-4 Turbo by pressing Ctrl+U (or Cmd+option+U on Mac) to open the page’s source code. Then hit Ctrl+F, and type ‘gpt4t’. If it finds that term, you have access.
  3. If you have it, you can now access larger context windows, better and quicker responses, and a more recent knowledge cutoff than GPT-4!
  4. If you don’t see gpt4t in the code, don’t worry. The new features are being rolled out gradually, and you’ll have access shortly.

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Reimagine and Revitalize [Insert Existing Product Here] for Today's Market!"

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1. Market Analysis: Briefly assess how the market changes or competitive landscape have impacted [Insert Existing Product Here].
2. Target Audience Shifts: Identify any changes in our target audience's needs or preferences.
3. Repositioning Strategy: Suggest how we can adapt [Insert Existing Product Here] to these new insights.
4. Elevator Pitch: Craft a compelling and concise elevator pitch that encapsulates the reimagined value proposition of [Insert Existing Product Here], tailored to resonate in our [industry/niche].

Your insights will be pivotal in strengthening our foothold and ensuring [Insert Existing Product Here] remains a front-runner in the [industry/niche]. Let's innovate and lead the way!


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1. Research – Claude – ChatGPT – Perplexity – Bing Chat

2. Image – Leap AI – Bing AI – Segmind – Midjourney – Stable Diffusion

3. CopyWriting – Rytr – Copy AI – Writesonic – Adcreative AI

4. Writing – Jasper – HIX AI – Jenny AI – Textblaze

5. Website – 10Web – Durable – Framer – Style AI

6. Video – Klap – Opus – Eightify – InVideo – HeyGen – Runway – ImgCreator AI – Morphstudio .xyz

7. Meeting – Tldv – Otter – Noty AI – Fireflies

8. SEO – VidIQ – Seona AI – BlogSEO – keywrds ai

9. Chatbot – Droxy – Chatbase – Mutual info – Chatsimple

10. Presentation – Decktopus – Slides AI – Gamma AI – Designs AI – Beautiful AI

11. Automation – Make – Zapier – Xembly – Bardeen

12. Prompts – FlowGPT – Alicent AI – PromptBox – Promptbase – Snack Prompt

13. UI/UX – Figma – Uizard – UiMagic – Photoshop

14. Design – Canva – Flair AI – designify – Clipdrop – Autodraw – Magician design

5. Logo Generator – Looka – Designs AI – Brandmark – Stockimg AI – Namecheap

16. Audio – Lovo ai – Eleven labs – Songburst AI – Adobe Podcast

17. Marketing – Pencil – Ai-Ads – AdCopy – Simplified – AdCreative

18. Startup – Tome – Ideas AI – Namelix – Pitchgrade – Validator AI

19. Productivity – Merlin Tinywow – Notion AI – Adobe Sensei – Personal AI

20. Social media management – Twemax – Typeshare – Tribescaler – Blackmagic – TweetHunter

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