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Buckle Up for Another AI Journey with Unlocked by AI, your trusty guide through the ever-evolving landscape of artificial intelligence.

We’ve assembled a treasure trove of the hottest AI breakthroughs and cutting-edge tools shaping our world happening right now.

Our mission? To keep you informed and inspired by the latest advancements in AI innovation.

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🤖 The Biggest Things in AI Recently

1️⃣ Google has unleashed Gemini, a new breed of AI model poised to take on the likes of GPT-4.

Here’s what you need to know:

  • Gemini is Google’s most powerful LLM to date, capable of generating human-quality text, translating languages, and even writing different kinds of creative content.
  • It comes in three flavors: Gemini, Gemini Pro (powering Google AI services and Bard), and Gemini Ultra (designed for data centers).
  • Early tests show Gemini’s performance surpasses GPT-4 in several key areas, including factual accuracy and reasoning.
  • With its vast capabilities and potential to revolutionize AI, Gemini promises to be a game-changer in the field.

Click here to dive deeper into the world of Gemini and learn how it will shape the future of AI.

2️⃣ Runway and Getty Images Partner to Revolutionize Video Creation with AI. Brace yourselves for a new level of creative control and customization for video content!

Runway has partnered with Getty Images to launch a groundbreaking video model for enterprise customers. This model will leverage both Runway’s powerful AI tools and Getty Images’ vast library of licensed content, allowing companies to:

  • Generate high-quality, customized video content with ease
  • Tailor content to specific brand identities and audiences
  • Explore new commercial uses and video products
  • Push the boundaries of what’s possible with AI and video generation

Click here to learn more and see how this partnership will transform the way we create video content!

3️⃣ Copilot Celebrates its First Year with a Power Boost!

Here’s to a productivity leap! Copilot has just received major upgrades, including:

  • GPT-4 Turbo integration for tackling complex tasks and generating longer content.
  • Enhanced DALL-E 3 integration for creating higher-quality and more accurate images.
  • New productivity features like Inline Compose and Multi-Modal Search Grounding in Microsoft Edge.
  • Upcoming tools like Code Interpreter and Deep Search in Bing to streamline analysis and information retrieval.

Learn more and discover how Copilot will superpower your work!

4️⃣ Andreessen Horowitz and LinkedIn Forecast AI-Fueled Innovations in their 2024 Predictions!

The future is here, and it’s powered by AI! Tech giants Andreessen Horowitz (a16z) and LinkedIn have released their predictions for 2024, both highlighting the transformative power of artificial intelligence across various industries.

  • Developer-driven financial services: Developers will play a crucial role in shaping the future of financial infrastructure, with a focus on open-source and programmable platforms.
  • Intelligent energy grids: AI-powered grids will optimize energy usage, improve sustainability, and pave the way for a cleaner future.
  • Voice-first companions: These AI-powered apps will become your personal assistants, anticipating your needs and providing personalized support throughout the day.
  • Programmable medicine: Imagine custom-designed treatments based on your unique genetic makeup. This is the future of personalized healthcare, powered by AI.
  • Safe and creative AI tools for children: AI-powered tools will empower children’s creativity while ensuring their safety and well-being online.

Discover how AI will revolutionize various aspects of our lives in 2024, according to a16z and LinkedIn.

5️⃣ Learn how AI automations can transform your business. Companies have been saving BIG with automations and AI agents on AWS. 

Here’s how you can too:

AWS is hosting a week-long Automations Fest from Dec 11-15, teaching businesses how to automate better.

🎯 This Week’s Prompts: How to optimize your calendar with ChatGPT

Feeling overwhelmed looking at your calendar? Tons of meetings piling up?

Try this great trick below from @Jodie_Cook to have ChatGPT analyze your schedule and help focus on high-impact work:

Step 1: Upload your calendar. Screenshot your calendar for the upcoming week, and use ChatGPT Vision to upload the image.

Step 2: Ask for specific recommendations. Have ChatGPT analyze your calendar using the prompt below:

“Review the attached calendar. Ask clarifying questions to identify low-priority tasks to delegate/reschedule. Flag unnecessary commitments. Focus my time on the most valuable responsibilities.”

Step 3: Implement the changes. ChatGPT will suggest optimizing and consolidating your calendar to create focus. The tips are shockingly good!

And just like that — you can take back control of your schedule with the help of AI. Let us know in the polls below if this tip was helpful!


🛠️ Tools to Check Out

  • 🍣 Danelfin- AI-powered stock-picking tool with up to a 94% win rate (link)
  • 📺 D-ID Creative Reality- Animate any face, anytime, anywhere, right from your phone (link)
  • 📝 Papermark AI- Open-source AI document assistant (link)
  • 🦌 PromptForge- Prompt extension for ChatGPT, Bard & Claude (link)
  • 🌏 Learniverse- AI-powered personal learning revolution (link)
  • 🔸 Shorts Generator- From idea to viral video in minutes (link)
  • ➕ PlusVector- Generate custom vector illustrations with AI (link)
  • 🦮 guidde- Magically create stunning video documentation with AI (link)
  • ⭕️ Circleback- Never take notes again with AI-driven meeting notes (link)

View our growing database of all the best AI tools as we discover them. 

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🤖 100 AI Tools to Start your Profitable Online Business in 2024😮

1. Research – Claude – ChatGPT – Perplexity – Bing Chat

2. Image – Leap AI – Bing AI – Segmind – Midjourney – Stable Diffusion

3. CopyWriting – Rytr – Copy AI – Writesonic – Adcreative AI

4. Writing – Jasper – HIX AI – Jenny AI – Textblaze

5. Website – 10Web – Durable – Framer – Style AI

6. Video – Klap – Opus – Eightify – InVideo – HeyGen – Runway – ImgCreator AI – Morphstudio .xyz

7. Meeting – Tldv – Otter – Noty AI – Fireflies

8. SEO – VidIQ – Seona AI – BlogSEO – keywrds ai

9. Chatbot – Droxy – Chatbase – Mutual info – Chatsimple

10. Presentation – Decktopus – Slides AI – Gamma AI – Designs AI – Beautiful AI

11. Automation – Make – Zapier – Xembly – Bardeen

12. Prompts – FlowGPT – Alicent AI – PromptBox – Promptbase – Snack Prompt

13. UI/UX – Figma – Uizard – UiMagic – Photoshop

14. Design – Canva – Flair AI – designify – Clipdrop – Autodraw – Magician design

5. Logo Generator – Looka – Designs AI – Brandmark – Stockimg AI – Namecheap

16. Audio – Lovo ai – Eleven labs – Songburst AI – Adobe Podcast

17. Marketing – Pencil – Ai-Ads – AdCopy – Simplified – AdCreative

18. Startup – Tome – Ideas AI – Namelix – Pitchgrade – Validator AI

19. Productivity – Merlin Tinywow – Notion AI – Adobe Sensei – Personal AI

20. Social media management – Twemax – Typeshare – Tribescaler – Blackmagic – TweetHunter

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