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👋👋 Hey there, Humans!

Gear up for another edition of Unlocked by AI, your go-to digest for the most thrilling AI breakthroughs and state-of-the-art tools that are shaping our future.

We’ve curated a treasure trove of the freshest AI trends and the competitive dynamics altering the digital landscape.

Our goal? To keep you in the loop and spark your imagination with the latest and greatest in AI innovation.

Ready to dive in? Let’s get started on this week’s tech trek! 🚀🌐

🤖 The Biggest Things in AI Recently

1️⃣ AI’s buzzing revolution is not slowing down, and it’s got everyone talking—from tech CEOs to content creators.

Big news in the tech world, folks! Sam Altman is making a comeback as CEO of OpenAI. The board is getting a refreshing shake-up with heavyweights like Bret Taylor taking the chair position.

Twitter’s blowing up with chatter about OpenAI’s latest moves. Some say it’s a grand marketing play, while others marvel at the “ratings on this simulation.”

Critics are calling for transparency, though. Yep, some tweeps think there’s unnecessary drama and are skeptical about the changes.

Amidst hot takes and memes, a common thread emerges – people want the tea on what really went down. They’re happy there’s an agreement, but trust seems to be on shaky ground.

Here’s hoping for clear skies ahead for OpenAI and the AI community. 🫡

2️⃣ AI is changing the game for content creators and I’m here to spill the beans.

  • AI can generate fresh content ideas, personalize content for your niche audience, and streamline research, saving you tons of time.
  • Tools like ChatGPT and Claude can help unblock your creativity when you’re stuck.
  • AI aids in making content accessible by translating languages, adding captions, and even creating audio for those with visual impairments.
  • Visual content? AI’s got your back with tools that design images, videos, and more with minimal effort from you.
  • Remember, AI is a helper, not a replacement for your creative genius.

Curious about how AI can elevate your content creation? Check out, our community of business owners like you.

3️⃣ Imagine never running out of stunning images for your social media. That’s the magic of DallE 3 automation, and guess what? You can set it up all by yourself.

With DALLE 3, you can craft unique visuals that are not just eye-catching but scream “this is my brand”! But wait, it gets better.

Combine DALLE 3 with Zapier, and you’ve got yourself a continuous flow of custom images, scheduled and posted without lifting a finger.

Here’s a sneak peek at the perks:

1. Visual Appeal: Stops users in their digital tracks and makes content stick.

2. Enhance Message: Pairs up with text to punch up your point.

3. Brand Identity: Keeps your style consistent across all platforms.

4. Increased Engagement: Images = more likes, shares, and comments.

5. Better Communication: Says more with less, ideal for quick-scrollers.

6. Wider Reach: Shares easily and loves the spotlight in algorithm feeds.

7. Cross-Cultural Connectivity: Breaks barriers, because a picture speaks a thousand words.

8. Emotional Connection: Hooks hearts to your brand story.

9. Professionalism: Cues in your audience that you mean business.

And the best part? You’ll learn to dodge those pesky automation errors for a flawless social presence.

Ready to give your Instagram that extra oomph? Start weaving some DALLE 3 magic into your content strategy!

4️⃣ Stability AI is rolling out Stable Video Diffusion

  • It’s a cutting-edge Text-To-Video interface for multiple sectors.
  • As of now, it’s solely for research, not for real-world use.
  • Your feedback is vital to perfect this model before its full release.
  • This model joins a suite of open-source AI across various modalities.

For more details, check out this resource and stay tuned! 🔍

5️⃣ X News Daily hints at a new addition to our digital lives: a Grok tab is coming!

  • Users are buzzing with anticipation on social media.
  • Reactions range from excitement to declaring Grok as the new king.
  • The update seems timely and has people ready to embrace Grok 24/7.

For all the juicy details, check out this tweet. 📲

6️⃣ So, Claude 2.1 is shaking things up in the AI world.

It’s now boasting a massive 200K token context window—that’s around 150,000 words, or over 500 pages in non-AI speak.

Imagine feeding it whole novels or hefty financial reports, and getting the gist in minutes.

The cool part? It’s a first in the industry to chew through such a huge feast of data.

But that’s not all.

Claude has also doubled down on honesty, cutting down on made-up stuff by half compared to its earlier version.

Businesses are digging this because, let’s be real, who wants a fibbing AI?

In the nitty-gritty of accuracy, Claude 2.1 is showing off too—30% fewer incorrect answers and way better at not jumping to conclusions in complex documents.

And for the developer crowd, there’s a shiny new toy: tool use.

This means Claude can now play nice with other APIs, find stuff on the web, or even interact with private databases.

Helpful for those who like their AIs versatile and a bit hands-on. 🛠️

All this cool stuff, including the grand 200K context window, is for the Claude Pro crowd.

Still, the free tier gets to chat with this brainy bot too.

Can’t wait to see what you’ll do with all these new bells and whistles!

Ready to give Claude 2.1 a whirl?

Just imagine the possibilities.

7️⃣ AI isn’t just a buzzword; it’s transforming how businesses work every day. You might not even notice it’s there, but if you’ve sorted your emails today, you’ve used AI.

Here’s a quick rundown on the AI magic happening behind the scenes:

In Business Management:

  • AI fights off spam like a hero and categorizes your emails.
  • It converts your spoken words to text (so you don’t have to type everything).

In E-Commerce:

  • AI is the genie behind finding that perfect product in an online store.
  • It helps keep your shopping spree safe by sniffing out fraudsters.

In Marketing:

  • Ever noticed how your social media feeds seem to read your mind? Thank AI for that.
  • It’s also crafting ads that seem like they were made just for you.

Oh, and this is just scratching the surface. AI’s like the multitool in your digital Swiss Army knife, folks. It’s automating, personalizing, and optimizing things you didn’t even know needed improving.

And as for the future? Brace yourselves, because this tech is only getting smarter. Stay tuned for how AI will continue to revolutionize the way we do business! 👀

8️⃣ AI has officially upped the game in video creation.

Meet Emu Video, a nifty text-to-video generator that makes creating dynamic clips as easy as pie. 🥧

You give it a text prompt, and voilà, it pumps out a shiny 512×512 video, four seconds long at 16 fps.

What’s super cool is that it only needs two models to work its magic—way simpler than old-school methods.

People are loving it, with 96% saying it’s top-notch quality.

Now onto Emu Edit, the wizard of image editing.

You know how sometimes an AI image isn’t quite right?

Emu Edit steps in to fine-tune your images with pinpoint accuracy.

Want to add “Aloha!” to a cap without changing the cap? It’s got you covered.

It’s not just tinkering; it’s like having a digital artist at your fingertips.

Why’s it so good, you ask?

Well, it’s been fed a whopping 10 million sample images, so it knows its stuff.

And it shows, outdoing other methods by miles in both look and faithfulness to your instructions.

🎯 This Week’s Prompts: Effortless Passive Income Ideas 

Looking for some ways to create passive income in 2024, then give this prompt a try.👇

Give me 10 passive income ideas that are easy to build and sustainable with [skills]. Also give metrics like budget, and time to build.

Skills = [Insert here]


🛠️ Tools to Check Out

  • Netmind Power- The decentralized machine learning and AI platform (link)
  • JotUrl- New AI-driven call-to-actions to boost your conversions (link)
  • AI Shadows- Generate realistic shadows for professional-looking photos (link)
  • Polywork AI- Paste your LinkedIn to generate a personal website in 60 seconds (link)Super- Create a website from your Notion database in minutes (link)MoonBeam- A long-form writing AI assistant to never write from scratch again (link)Mixo- Launch a startup in seconds with AI (link)Postwise- Craft viral Tweets in seconds (link)

View our growing database of all the best AI tools as we discover them. 

Have cool resources you’d like to share? Submit a tool or reach out to us by replying to this email.

🤖 So there you have it—AI’s latest triumphs in video and image editing 😮

Ready to see how it transforms content? Buckle up, because we’re just getting started.

From OpenAI’s leadership shifts to AI’s content creation marvels, and the visual storytelling powers of DallE 3, we’re witnessing a transformative era. Embrace these tools and imagine the endless possibilities for your brand and business.

If you are struggling through making sense of how to utilize AI in your business, we can help. Check out, it was built with 🫵 in mind. 🤓

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