Your Strategy to Launch Analysis


One of the keys to your success in starting a new business will be in your ability to create a strategy for everything you are going to do moving forward. 

Before you begin each stage around your marketing efforts, you will need to plan out your goals and expectations, along with what will be necessary to accomplish a successful campaign using this area of marketing. An example could be if you were ready to start using social media to drive traffic to your website. You won’t just start posting. You will create your goals or strategy prior to implementing any of the actual tasks.

I’d never suggest you just start posting, sharing or engaging without having a plan beforehand. This is a huge mistake and waste of time I see everyday with business owners.  

What I often see is someone new to or who has been struggling in their marketing, who will take a look at what others in their niche are doing and start saying or doing what they are doing. This is usually a wonderful thing to do but many of the so-called ‘leaders in the space’ that people start modeling have been doing what they do for some time so their results will be different.  

Remember, you can’t START where someone else has evolved to and forego the steps it takes to get to where they are.  

Also, the results these leaders of industry are producing will be different to what you will create because you are a different person with different offerings, personality and the relationships you are creating will be different.

If you are going to model someone, simply use it as a place to start for ‘process’ and spend the rest of the time creating the right messaging and offer for your audience. You will have much more success going about modeling this route.

This process is just one aspect of the Upstart to Impact Roadmap that I’ve developed which acts as a systematic approach for starting and scaling your business that will serve you for your lifetime. It helps you to understand where you are in the process, map out your plan and stay focused on what’s currently important in your business growth.

The emphasis that I place on documenting your goals and progress is so that you can clearly see the path you’re on and adjust your strategy accordingly. If you’re not moving forward as fast as you would like, you can go put in the extra time and make progress on the ‘next steps’. Are you making consistent progress? Are you reaching your daily goals? Are you expecting results too soon? 

Please try to always remember this –  the better your skills get in marketing, the quicker you can get into the market and test your ideas. None of us hit a home run the first time up to the plate. HOWEVER, the more you practice the better you will get and the more runs you’ll have into the home plate.  Go at your marketing with this goal in mind.  

If you’re interested in my practical and result-producing program that can transform your business and your life, I’d love to hear from you!