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Hey there, AI Explorers! 👋

We’ve got a bumper edition of ‘Unlocked by AI’ for you this week, packed with the freshest scoop on AI developments. So, grab a cup of coffee ☕️ and get ready for some riveting reads!

Get set to explore how AI tools are reshaping the way small businesses hire, and how ChatGPT is turning the world of customer service on its head. We’ll also delve into Microsoft’s new AI assistant ‘Copilot’ that’s spicing up web design, and how AI is stepping up in the branding game.

Plus, we’ve got an intriguing prompt lined up, a roundup of must-check-out tools, and a meme that perfectly encapsulates our current AI climate.

Strap in and enjoy the ride! 🚀

🤖 The Biggest Things in AI Recently

1️⃣ AI Adoption Propels Hiring Shifts Among 🏢 Small Businesses: Almost half of small business owners, armed with AI tools like ChatGPT, Google Bard, and Microsoft Bing AI, plan to trim their hiring in the coming year. Despite leveraging AI to reduce their workforce, most believe their own roles are immune to the AI wave (read more)

2️⃣ ChatGPT: Instantly Transforming Customer Service 🦹‍♀️ ⚡️ ChatGPT is shaking up the customer service landscape with its impressive ability to understand a wide array of inquiries and provide immediate answers. This AI-powered revolution is already making a significant impact on how businesses interact with their customers​ (read more)

3️⃣ Redefining Web Design with a 🙍🏻‍♂️ Human Touch: Microsoft is cutting the hassle of website design with its AI tool, ‘Copilot’ in Power Pages. This nifty assistant, powered by OpenAI’s GPT-3.5 model, can generate an array of website elements, even chatbots while staying versatile and user-driven. While AI isn’t a new player in the web design game, Copilot aims to make the game more fun, not just auto-pilot the whole show (read more)

4️⃣ AI Takes the 🏇 Reins: The Self-Learning Future of Branding: Branding meets AI in a dance where humans aren’t required to spoon-feed the model. The magic lies in the model’s capability to decipher and apply brand concepts independently, making brand education for AI a breeze. (read more)

5️⃣ Apple’s 🍎 Huge Announcements at WWDC:  Apple introduced several new products including a new headset that was all the rage. It looks dope but gives off Black Mirror vibes. 🪞(watch)

🎯 This Week’s Prompt: Brand Contact Calendar

Our mission? To sculpt your brand into an industry trailblazer and respected thought leader.

A pivotal 🛠️ tool for this transformation is a dynamic content 🗓️ calendar, acting as your compass 🧭  towards success, outlining the what and when of content creation.

The task at hand is crafting a detailed content calendar for [company] to assert its authority in the [industry]. This calendar should encapsulate diverse content like [Types of content], touching on engaging subjects such as [Topic examples]. The ultimate aim is [Insert goal here].

🛠️ Tools to Check Out

  • OpenAI- ChatGPT app for iOS is now available in 11 countries (link)
  • Pixelied- Create stunning designs in seconds (link)
  • HelpHub – Custom ChatGPT + search for any site (link)
  • Byword – generates SEO-optimized articles with images and headings (link)
  • Chatbase– Custom ChatGPT for your data (link)
  • Wudpecker- Talk to your meetings – powered by GPT-4 (link)
  • Vidyo – repurposes long-form videos into clips with AI (link)
  • Salesstack – AI-driven insights to streamline your sales operations, improve lead management, and grow revenue (link)

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🤔 This Week’s Meme of the Week

This is how things are currently shaping up… 🌐

If you are struggling through making sense of how to utilize AI in your business, we can help. Check out zindolabs.com, it was built with 🫵 in mind. 🤓

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As always, thanks for reading, and see you next time 🌟.

Talk soon, ✌️

Audra and The Unlocked by AI Team