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🤖 The Biggest Things in AI Recently

1️⃣ Is Claude 2 a ChatGPT Killer: 🦹‍♀️ ⚡️ Claude 2 is an AI chatbot that was developed by Anthropic, a company that specializes in developing AI technologies. Claude 2 is based on a large language model that has been trained on a massive dataset of text and code. This means that Claude 2 is able to generate human-like text, translate languages, write different kinds of creative content, and answer your questions in an informative way.. (read more). Try it out for yourself.

2️⃣ Adobe says firefly has now generated 1B images and 100+ languages: The expansion of Firefly to 100 languages and the generation of over 1 billion images are both significant milestones for the service. They show that Firefly is becoming a popular tool for creative professionals and hobbyists around the world.(read more and more)

source: 9to5Mac

3️⃣ Introducing NotebookLMan experimental AI-first notebook from Google AI. It is designed to help you gain insights faster by using the power of language models paired with your existing content.

NotebookLM works by first analyzing your existing content to identify key concepts and relationships. It then uses these insights to generate questions, hypotheses, and visualizations that can help you to better understand your data.

NotebookLM is still under development, but it has the potential to be a powerful tool for data analysis and learning. It is particularly well-suited for tasks that require a deep understanding of complex relationships, such as fraud detection, product recommendations, and scientific research.

Here are some of the features of NotebookLM:

  • It can analyze your existing content to identify key concepts and relationships.
  • It can generate questions, hypotheses, and visualizations that can help you to better understand your data.
  • It is still under development, but it has the potential to be a powerful tool for data analysis and learning. join the waitlist (read more)

source: Google

4️⃣ Elon Musk reveals his new AI company, xAI:  The company’s website states that its goal is to “understand the true nature of the universe.” The company’s website also states that xAI will be “a research and development company focused on the development of new artificial intelligence technologies.” Musk has said that he believes that AI is “the most important technology of our time,” and that xAI will be “at the forefront of this revolution.” (read more)

5️⃣ Shopify unveils its AI ‘Sidekick’: The launch of Sidekick is a sign of Shopify’s commitment to artificial intelligence. The company has been investing heavily in AI in recent years, and Sidekick is the latest example of this investment. It will be interesting to see how Sidekick is received by merchants and how it helps them to improve their businesses. (read more)

🎯 This Week’s Prompt: Partnerships for Success

Are you looking to boost visibility, reach more customers, and build awesome collaborations for your product or service? If so, you’re in the right place. In this prompt, we’ll walk you through the “Research-Approach-Negotiate-Execute” framework for developing a partnership proposal.


The first step is to research potential partners. This includes identifying businesses or organizations that have a similar target audience to yours. You’ll also want to research their goals and values to make sure that they’re a good fit for a partnership.


Once you’ve identified potential partners, it’s time to approach them. This involves sending a proposal that outlines the benefits of a partnership for both parties. Be sure to highlight how your product or service can help them achieve their goals.


Once the potential partner is interested, it’s time to negotiate the terms of the partnership. This includes discussing things like the scope of the partnership, the terms of payment, and the marketing materials that will be used.


Once the terms of the partnership have been agreed upon, it’s time to execute. This involves putting the partnership into action and working with your partner to achieve your shared goals.

Here are some additional tips for developing a successful partnership proposal:

  • Be clear about your goals and objectives.
  • Highlight the benefits of a partnership for both parties.
  • Be flexible and willing to negotiate.
  • Build trust and rapport with your partner.
  • Communicate regularly and effectively.

Write a partnership proposal using the "Research-Approach-Negotiate-Execute" framework to establish strategic alliances and collaborations for promoting [product/service] among relevant businesses or organizations.

The proposal should include the following:

A clear overview of the product or service being promoted.
An analysis of the target audience.
A research of potential partners.
An approach to potential partners.
A negotiation of the terms of the partnership.
An execution of the partnership.
The proposal should be clear, concise, and persuasive. It should highlight the benefits of a partnership for both parties.

This prompt is specific enough to give AI a clear understanding of what is being asked for, but it is also open-ended enough to allow AI to come up with creative and innovative solutions.

Product/service= [Insert here]
Company= [Insert Company here]
Target audience = [Insert target audience]
Industry= [Insert industry here]

🛠️ Tools to Check Out

  • 🔒 Secureframe AI boosts compliance automation, offers 150+ source monitoring, personnel/vendor mgmt, reports, RFP auto & more *
  • 💦 h2oGPT lets you simultaneously run six open-source AI models for the same prompt
  • 🌅 MakeLanding allows you to design a beautiful landing page within seconds
  • 📑 Knibble creates AI powered knowledge bases for business use
  • 📝 Fellow boosts meeting productivity with AI generated summaries

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🤖 Code interpreter is finally rolling out to all Chat GPT Plus Users

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