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🤖 The Biggest Things in AI Recently

1️⃣ How is AI being used: The main fuel for the recent boom is generative AI: systems that can generate text, help brainstorm ideas, edit your writing, and create pictures, audio, and video.(read more)

2️⃣ The Future of search is being Reinvented: 🦹‍♀️ ⚡️ The combination of ChatGPT, Bing’s integration of LLMs in search and Google’s embrace of generative AI technologies signaled that we’re entering a new paradigm in information retrieval with LLMs. We’re moving away from the 10 blue links (and sometimes 10 blue ads) and moving into something different. (read more)

3️⃣ AI is the electricity of the 21st centuryAI has the potential to automate 40% of the average work day. Ignore it and your business will be left in the dark. After all, we already know many ways that generative AI will shape how we work (see the full report Valoir – 13 slides)

4️⃣ Visual Capitalist:  recently ranked industries for their potential for A.I. automation (read more)

5️⃣ YouTube is getting AI-powered dubbing: YouTube is integrating Aloud, an AI-powered dubbing service from Google’s Area 120 incubator, to facilitate multi-language dubbing for creators and aims to enhance features like voice mimicry and lip-syncing by 2024. (read more)

🎯 This Week’s Prompt: Crafting an engaging video script

Hey there! Today’s prompt is all about highlighting the unique advantages of what you have to offer and creating a captivating narrative that grabs people’s attention.

It’s an opportunity to showcase the strengths of your product or service in a way that truly stands out. By crafting an engaging video script, you’ll be able to effectively communicate your value proposition and draw in your audience.

So, why not give it a try for your next releases? You’ll be amazed at the level of engagement and interest it can generate.

Embrace the power of storytelling and let your message shine through a captivating narrative that leaves a lasting impact.

Craft an engaging video script showcasing the benefits of [company]'s [product/service] for [target audience] in the [industry].

Product= [Insert product here]
Company= [Insert Company here]
Target audience = [Insert target audience]
Industry= [Insert industry here]

🛠️ Tools to Check Out

  • 📊 Narrative BI turns marketing data into actionable narratives with a new generative analytics platform
  • 🚀 Upword helps users get research done 10x faster with AI
  • 💬 Crisp Magic Reply creates an AI virtual assistant for customer service
  • ⚡️ Warp allows users to build software faster with their AI Rust-based terminal
  • 🌿 Holly enables AI-powered virtual recruitment
  • 🛠 Supertools organizes 100’s of AI tools for you in one spot

View our growing database of all the best AI tools as we discover them. 

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If you are struggling through making sense of how to utilize AI in your business, we can help. Check out zindolabs.com, it was built with 🫵 in mind. 🤓

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