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👋 Greetings, AI enthusiasts! Welcome to another edition of Unlocked by AI, your essential portal into the mesmerizing world of AI breakthroughs and state-of-the-art tools.

This edition is brimming with the freshest AI innovations and the game-changers that are redefining the digital landscape.

Our pledge is to keep you at the forefront of AI knowledge, ensuring you’re always a step ahead in this ever-evolving domain.

Let’s navigate these AI waters together! 🌊

🤖 The Biggest Things in AI Recently

1️⃣ Boy that didn’t take long… Likelike AI-generated avatars are here🙀🙀 . 🎙️ (read more)

Quick Take: HeyGen has unveiled version 2.0 of their AI-driven avatar replicas, and the realism is causing some to double-take. Check out the demo to witness the magic.


  • The HeyGen founder showcased a self-replica, entirely crafted by AI.
  • The new version boasts significant improvements in video clarity, voice mimicry, and accent replication.
  • Astonishingly, the AI mirrored the founder’s voice and distinct accent in a mere 2 minutes.
  • For about 95% of individuals, distinguishing this AI creation from reality might already be a challenge, and this accuracy is poised to increase in the coming months.

Significance: The media landscape is on the brink of a surge in AI-produced content, making it increasingly challenging to discern genuine from generated.

2️⃣ Google is rolling out new GenAI capabilities in search. Google has updated its Search Generative Experience (SGE) with advanced AI features to bolster online learning and comprehension.

Key upgrades:

– The new ‘SGE while browsing’ offers AI-generated summaries of key points from articles, extending beyond just search results.

– Users can now hover over specific terms in AI responses to get quick definitions.

– Enhanced code snippets with color-coded syntax highlighting for better readability.

Our thoughts: Google, being the primary source of information for many, continues to innovate, potentially paving the way for broader AI integration in daily browsing. These enhancements can be explored in Google Search Labs.(read more)

3️⃣ Create A Private ChatGPT For Your Company For FREE. 🤖 Yep, Microsoft Azure ChatGPT can help with this. 🦾 (read more)

4️⃣ Attention Amazon Sellers: Their latest AI tool will summarize customer reviews for you! 😱 This tool employs generative AI to identify and highlight recurring themes in customer reviews, presenting a concise summary to potential buyers.

Instead of generating new reviews, the AI system analyzes existing ones, pinpointing common threads and presenting them on the product’s page. Shoppers can delve deeper into specific product attributes, such as “Ease of Use” or “Performance,” to view relevant customer feedback.(read more)

5️⃣ 🤓Latest Revelations: Details about Google’s upcoming Gemini ♊️ AI have surfaced unexpectedly. Indications suggest that Gemini might surpass ChatGPT in capabilities.

Here’s a sneak peek into the disclosed features:

  • Versatile Inputs: Accepts text, visuals, or video.
  • Condensation: Processes text, video, and audio to provide summaries.
  • Content Creation: Generates text, visuals, music, and videos.
  • Cognitive Skills: Exhibits reasoning capabilities.
  • Translational Prowess: Translates across languages and even different mediums like images, videos, and audios.
  • Developer Hub: Google might introduce a platform for developers to enhance this AI further.Why It Matters to Us:
  • A competitive AI landscape promises superior AI tools.
  • These advancements promise to simplify and diversify content generation.

Google’s potential developer hub could lead to continuous AI enhancements, leveraging the collective genius of the developer community. (watch here

✏️ Guide to Personalizing ChatGPT’s Writing Style to Yours

Desire AI-generated content that resonates with your unique voice?

Here’s a streamlined approach to tailor ChatGPT’s output to mirror your writing flair:

Step 1: Dive into ChatGPT and share diverse samples of your written work. The richer the variety, the closer ChatGPT can get to emulating your distinctive tone.

Step 2: Prompt ChatGPT to dissect your samples. Use the command: “Identify the distinct characteristics of my writing based on these examples.”

Step 3: Direct ChatGPT to craft content in your signature style. Suggest: “Given the identified style nuances, compose a piece on [topic] that mirrors the tone and style of the samples shared.”

Harnessing ChatGPT’s ability to adapt to your style can significantly expedite your writing tasks.

Heads Up: While ChatGPT is impressive, it might not always hit the mark. It’s wise to refine, condense, and polish the generated content for optimal results!

🛠️ Tools to Check Out

  • 🔋 Bruinen- Enables developers to integrate end-user data and actions into their LLMs – auth, permissions, and action confirmations (link)
  • 🚃 Taplio- Turn a YouTube video into a LinkedIn carousel with AI (link)
  • 📝 SQL Editor by Supabase- Write SQL without knowing SQL (link)
  • 🧙 Castmagic- Turn long-form audio into ready-to-use content assets, instantly (link)
  • ⏰ 60sec.site- Generates beautiful landing pages for you in under 60 seconds (link)
  • 🧠 YouLearn- Learn any YouTube video with AI (link)
  • 🎱 Motiv8- Create to-do lists with AI (link)

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🤖 Poll shows Americans FEAR AI 😱

A recent poll reveals that a significant majority of American voters, spanning both major political parties, harbor concerns about the risks associated with AI. They overwhelmingly support federal oversight to mitigate these risks.

The survey, conducted by the Artificial Intelligence Policy Institute and shared with Axios, indicates that 82% of respondents distrust tech executives to self-regulate AI. Furthermore, 56% favor a federal agency’s involvement in AI regulation. (read more)

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