Audra Carpenter

Ever since I was a little girl, I’ve always been driven to challenge myself to do things I’ve never done before. Whether it was creating a dance production and selling tickets for a dime when I was 7, riding bulls in high school, or doing a solo 15,000 feet skydiving adventure for my first jump in my 30’s.  I’ve always felt such satisfaction and growth in constantly challenging myself to learn ‘more.’

As I became an adult and dove deeper into the entrepreneurial world (first opening coffee shops in California and a title company in Maryland, then transitioning to Digital Marketing in 2009), I found myself spending more and more time helping other entrepreneurs that were a couple of steps behind me.  Since then, I’ve spent thousands of hours online – studying, testing, building, and growing a full-service marketing agency, which has now evolved in the zindo+co ecosystem.

But even with such great successes in my life, I felt something was still missing. I knew I wanted a change. I couldn’t figure out the direction I wanted to go.

So I sat down with a pad of paper and wrote down all the things I loved about owning an agency and all the things I could do without.

I found I really loved and wanted to continue to help entrepreneurs develop their strategy, training, and innovation. So I decided to cut back on private clients and see what I naturally gravitated toward. At this point, I was living by the words: “Help others, and your path will show itself.” And boy has it! 

On my search for this new adventure, I’ve validated there is a whole community of entrepreneurs that need a purpose, a plan, and a roadmap to starting and launching a business today. Now, this isn’t anything new. Nor is it something I wasn’t aware of.

But it is a problem that reliable, current, affordable resources aren’t available for this community, and zindo+co has made it our mission to solve this. By following our own advice, we tested it and proved the concept. People need it and are willing to pay for it!

I also learned what I’m passionate about. It’s helping others move from where they are to where they are trying to go. From creating a business or marketing strategy to deciding which technology is best for someone’s skillset to building a website, it doesn’t matter what I am working on. I am helping someone evolve and use a little creative ingenuity to get it done.

At the same time, I realized that the virtual and physical worlds had come together in the most beautiful ways to allow the solo entrepreneur a chance to be successful — whether by giving them detailed content to learn from (to building a website to social media tutorials), or actual tools like software or hardware that helps do the creating FOR them. (I’m so excited about all the new website builders that allow us ‘non-tech’ people to build a website without knowing HTML or coding). 

Now over the years, I’ve heard many of my friends and clients tell me, “they are NOT marketers.” I hated hearing this and knew they were wrong. I mean, think about it. We really aren’t in whatever widget business we sell…

We are all marketers! At the end of the day, that is the only thing that will get your product or service in the hands of your customers.

So zindo+co became my mission to change that sentiment. It’s for this reason that zindo+co was born as a destination where entrepreneurs can go to get educated and excited about becoming better marketers, growing their business, and reaching successes they only dreamed of.

Not DIY or DFY, but Done With You! At zindolabs we teach you how to create, launch and grow your products and services online.

Whether you need some fresh new web copy for your website or a sales funnel built for your upcoming launch, we connect you with top talent quickly. 

Create a free website at zindohub. You’ll find everything you need to create, launch and grow your business online.

zindotech gives you unlimited access to our Tech Team 24/7, for support, maintenance, small website updates and fixes. 

Customer Review

“I’ve taken several classes from Audra and will continue to sign up for anything new she teaches. She provides a tremendous amount of valuable information at every class and has an easy-going style so you always feel comfortable asking questions. I highly recommend her classes.”. 

Wendy at Shell and Beach Walks

Larry Becker

"I have a marketing and advertising background, so I was impressed with Audra's skill set. She has a complete grasp of all the tools that are integral to modern digital and social media marketing, and she's grounded in solid, traditional marketing principles. Every single time I've asked her about a marketing approach, or some sort of web-based tool, she always had thoughtful, accurate insights and she usually pointed me to new tools I hadn't even heard about yet."

Curtis Graham - Greyhouse Films

"I found zindo+co to be a great asset to my business website needs. They are great collaborators! They truly listen to your needs and creatively come up with great solutions.”