So I’ve been thinking about hosting a podcast on and off for years. I’ve even gotten as far as podcast names, artwork, interviews, editing and show notes, but not one of them have made it to the light of day.

Why you ask….?! I really don’t know. I think it had become overwhelming and not knowing how to answer the questions I had…what my next steps were or even what the friggin’ point was so then I tabled them in a file called… gotta get back to.  

Yes that’s dysfunctional.. yes it’s been a massive waste of my time and my interviewers…not to mention the funds I’ve put into getting them ready to air and doing nothing with them.

Now I know if you are an entrepreneur you’ve done this at least once… or at least I’m hoping you have…heehee!



Ok back to the story…

So why now…?! Well because I do believe I’m actually ready. Ready for what you ask? Ready to bring my message forward along the way helping others. Yes I know that might sound kind of canned, but really it’s not.

We spend so much time as entrepreneurs preparing for the big reveal. Learning all we can, meeting who we need and building building building. Shew! Makes me tired just thinking about my journey on this up to this point.

But today April 11, 2017 I set my COMMITMENT in motion. I am launching, relaunching…well completing this path and going to document it for accountability, training for the next to come and sharing all the amazing people and stories we are going to encounter along the way.

So here is my official post on Facebook:




At the time of the screenshot I have already had over 33 comments. See people want to share their story, their skills and their passion and well it’s time for me to be the facilitator of such greatness.

So each day I work on this project I will document the journey. The goal is to create a repeatable process for others to follow, develop a new community and to help others get their message out.

So here are the beginning stats:

  • I have the idea for my podcast
  • I have 4469 Facebook Friends that I’ve reached out to via a timeline post
  • I will gather all the responses, build a calendar, create questions to qualify folks and go from there.


Look for my next update tomorrow! Let the journey begin!!